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We provide a wide range of services and our dental professionals are continually taking training in new techniques and integrating what works into our practice. Our emphasis on cosmetics is possible with our computerized ShadeVision matching of colors and all the porcelain and resins available. We work with excellent laboratories. Our digital x-rays and photographs use very little radiation and are so clear that you will be able to see the problem on the monitor in front of you. The use of implants to replace missing teeth has also become very routine and successful.

We do everything from orthodontics to extractions and enjoy people of all ages. We also have an excellent referral network if a specialist is needed or requested for the patient’s particular problem.

Our hygiene staff and dental assistants will provide you with the best periodontal care and education, and we can often care for the entire family at one time with our four hygiene operatories. We have had very few changes in staff over the years, so you’ll always see a friendly and familiar face.

Special Technology Highlights:

  • Digital Intraoral Cameras so you can see what we see- No radiation, just Crystal Clear pictures of your teeth.
  • Digital Radiographs that appear larger than life on the monitors. Digital Radiographs use 5x less radiation than a standard film Xray and we always use a lead shield with thyroid collar.
  • iTero digital CAD/CAM impression scanner. NO MORE GOOPY IMPRESSIONS! This technology uses no radiation, it simply digitally scans your tooth and reconstructs what it sees in 3D on the computer. From there the lab can make a crown, bridge, implant crown, etc. The result is a perfect fit every time.
  • ShadeVision Color matching. Want the perfect shade match for your crown or restoration? Shadevision scans your tooth and sends a digital composite of the hue, value, and chroma of each area of your tooth to the lab so you get a custom color match every time.

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